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Update 1.1 - The Party Update

MAY. 01, 2021

We are excited to announce our new party packages! These will allow you to rent out our entire location with all we have to offer.

We will set up a table for any food that you wish to bring and every station will be open for whomever is attending the party (up to 20 people). On top of that we have a handful of new games in our library for you and your party to enjoy. 


  • Added packages for parties that will include the rental of every station in the arcade including the driving stations.

  • Customers will have access to our entire arcade and games library.

Party pricing will be as follows

  • Weekday: $400 - 2 hours and $550 for 3 hours

  • Weekend: $500 - 2 hours and $700 for 3 hours



  • Blade and Sorcery

  • Vertigo

  • Synth Rider

  • Doodle VR

  • Phasmophobia

  • Hello Puppets

  • Takelings

  • Thrill of the Fight

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