Update 1.2 - Better Together

JUNE. 19, 2021

We now offer all day passes Monday - Thursday. Bring a friend to share your station with!

Check out our new All Day Passes! These passes will allow you and 1 friend to rent 1 station for the entire day. 


  • Added an All Day Pass so you and 1 friend can take turns at 1 station for the entire day. (Only available Mon - Thursday).

All Day pricing will be as follows:

  • Monday - Thursday: All Day Pass - $60 for 1 station and up to 2 people.


  • Added Nevrosa Escape

  • Added Trover Saves the Universe

  • Added Tilt Brush

  • Added Accounting+

  • Added Blaston

  • Added Acron: attack of the Squirels

  • Added Cowbots and Aliens

  • Added Dreadhalls

  • Added Escape VR: Trapped Above the Clouds

  • Added Rec Room

  • Added Throw Anything

  • Added The Blu: Season 1 (Arcade Edition)

  • Removed Escape First

  • Removed Escape First 2

  • Removed A-Tech Cybernetic