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Check back here to see the latest changes to our location. 

Update 1.6.1 - Ubisoft Escape Rooms

5 new Ubisoft escape rooms available now!

NOVEMBER. 24, 2023


Update 1.6 - Escape Room Update

10 premium Escape Room experiences have been added to Let's Play! VR.

SEPTEMBER. 01, 2023


Update 1.5 - Cutting the Cord

Let's Play! VR has officially gone wireless!

MARCH. 31, 2023


Update 1.4 - Finger Tracking

Finger tracking is here! We are now offering the Valve Index Controller rentals and the ability to create/sign in to Steam accounts to save progress on select games.

AUGUST. 15, 2022


Update 1.3 - Expansion

Big news! In order to reduce wait times, and accommodate larger groups, we have officially added 2 extra stations bringing our total standing stations to 8!

NOVEMBER. 01, 2021


Update 1.2.1 - Game Library Update

Hey everyone! This is a small update that just includes a few new games that we have added to our library.

JULY. 26, 2021


Update 1.2 - Better Together

We now offer all day passes Monday - Thursday. Bring a friend to share your station with!

JUNE. 19, 2021


Update 1.1 - The Party Update

We are excited to announce our new party packages! These will allow you to rent out our entire location with all we have to offer.

MAY. 01, 2021

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